P1 MAX Upgrade

We are glad to announce that P1 Mover is now available with P1 MAX upgrade.

This increases the torque of P1 Mover by 18% (slowering the speed by 15% at the same time – physics!) and comes in the form of a new gear set.

Thanks to the mechanical design of the P1 Mover and its modular structure – such an upgrade requires just a swap of gears with other hardware and electronic control system left untouched.

P1 Mover has been designed with the idea of delivering ultimate performance from just a pair drive motors and gained a high esteem and demand especially among customers requiring the strongest mover for big caravans and commercial trailers. But if you still hit the overload too often and can live with a slightly slower drive speed (10.5 cm/s) – you may consider the new P1 MAX Upgrade. Naturally you can order a P1 Mover MAX as a factory setup.

P1 MAX upgrade is especially recommended for Twin axle caravans and commercial trailers where cornering takes the highest effort. The upgrade is backward compatible with all P1 Movers.

ordering code:

separate upgrade kit: 0120MAX

factory fitted: add MAX to P1 Mover name (eg. P1 Mover ATA Ltd MAX)


Manufacturer`s Note:

Although we don`t want to give official “max permissible weight specs”, as the performance will depend on many factors, incl. condition of tires, jokey wheel, surface floor type, axis design – wheelbase and many others),  simple mechanical equation makes it exactly 18% `stronger` than the standard version (obviously at the cost of speed – which now goes to 10.5cm/s).

As a reference: we tested the new P1 MAX on a twin 2.8t (gross measured weight), caravan and we never hit Overload while turning on the flat, concrete floor (as was sometimes the case with standard gears). For those in the know: turning a twin axis caravan is a very difficult manoeuvre, where the system must overcome the side-ways traction of the other axis. This takes enormous effort and extreme torque is needed. The same 2.8t caravan will go up a steep hill or drive over an obstacle (curb) while going straight. With all that in mind, we can say with highest certainty that P1 Mover MAX is the strongest 2-motor mover available.