Turbo feature


We are proud to announce that now all P1 Movers are equipped with a new, unique Turbo feature.

The strongest mover on the market (KCK performance test winner) becomes even more powerful. Through a control box hardware (uprated components) and firmware (optimised algorithms) upgrade, the P1 Mover now offers a 20% power boost, helping your caravan get over obstacles that were so far unbeatable.

Although time-limited (Turbo boost lasts for accumulated 10sec, then, with performance back to standard, it re-charges for appr 100 sec. allowing the system to cool down), the feature makes P1 the very strongest 2-motor mover ever.

The system will now cope with very large caravans, where normally a quad mover setup (4-motor setup) would have been advised, doubling the price and the weight of the system.

Watch video: